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Our warm and welcoming office is conveniently located off of Loop 336 W in Conroe.
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We welcome new patients to our practice and would be honored to become your family medicine practice of choice.

We hope that both new and established patients will find the following information to be helpful and informative. If you have any questions, please never hesitate to call our office during business hours. From our family to yours, thank you very much for your interest in Family Medicine Associates of Conroe!


We accept coverage from most major insurance carriers, including Medicare. Please call our office to confirm that your specific insurance plan is accepted by our providers. For your convenience, our friendly staff will gladly file your insurance claim on your behalf and help you to determine your patient benefits as estimated by your insurance carrier. Please do keep in mind that your insurance co-pay amount will be due at the time of the appointment. We do kindly ask that you come prepared to pay this amount. Our office accepts cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard & Discover. Aside from insurance, our office also accepts self-pay patients and can often times offer a discount for patients without insurance.

Patient Packets

In an effort to help appointments run smoothly we ask that you please print and complete a patient packet prior to your appointment. These will be requested at check-in. We appreciate your cooperation.

If you would like to complete your paperwork electronically, please email and we will send you over your forms via Docusign.

Due to the wide variety of services and procedures offered by our family medicine specialists, it is crucial that you schedule the most specific visit type when you call for an appointment. Family Medicine Associates will treat your family like theirs. However, if your questions and concerns overwhelm the time allotted for your appointment, you will be booked a follow-up appointment so that all of your needs will be addressed in a timely fashion.
1. Acute appointments—address new problems or worsening of an established problem.
2. Follow-up appointments—used to follow stable medical problems or the response to a new medication, discuss the results of lab and imaging studies, and to refill medications.
3. Wellness appointments—used for adult annual wellness visits, well-child visits, and school/band/sports physicals.
4. Procedure clinic appointments—used for procedures only.
5. Mental health testing—used for diagnostic testing of mental health concerns.
• Prescription medication bottles
• Blood pressure and blood sugar logs (when applicable).
• Childrens’ shot records (birth – 18 years).
• A health diary or calendar of symptoms. Keep track of what’s happening and when so that we can review it with you in the office.
• All applicable health forms, insurance forms, documents for your job, FMLA documents, etc., that you need the provider to sign or complete. We do not complete paperwork outside of appointments so please plan carefully and don’t forget any of your documents. Make two copies. Complete one copy in its entirety with all of the details that you want the provider to consider. The second copy will be completed by the provider.
1. Please bring a log with your blood pressure readings. We especially like a variety of blood pressure readings at different times, including early in the morning before you take your blood pressure medications.
2. If you have diabetes, please bring your blood sugar log. We want to see recent blood sugar readings at various times (upon awakening, before lunch, before evening meal, and at bedtime).
3. For a wellness visit or a cholesterol check (usually tested once a year), do NOT eat or drink anything after midnight except water or black coffee.
4. If you have diabetes AND will be fasting for a cholesterol check, only take blood pressure medications that morning. DO NOT take INSULIN or DIABETES PILLS if you are fasting. This will keep you from having a low blood sugar.
5. Always take your BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATIONS the first thing every morning even if you’re having fasting labs drawn at the doctor’s office. This is very, very important.
6. New patients and those with a history of no-shows or cancellations will be asked to put $25 on their account at the time their appointment is booked. This will not be refunded if you no-snow or cancel on the same day as your appointment. Thanks for your consideration on this matter.
7. Co-pays and deductibles are due upon check-in. All past balances are due at the time you book your next appointment.
8. Please complete the REVIEW OF SYMPTOMS attachment on our website.
Please bring all shot records to well-child visits and school/band/sports physicals. It is important that all patients have an accurate record of their immunizations. Children, in particular, should have all of their immunizations updated in our electronic health record so that will automatically downloaded to Immtrac, Texas’ online immunization registry. Parents have access to Immtrac online which is extremely helpful in the even at shot record is lost. So please bring all shot records to well-child visits and school/band/sports physicals. For more information, visit
As a patient in our practice, you have the right to quality healthcare, respectful treatment, and confidentiality. To ensure that our practice runs smoothly and that we are able to best serve all patients, we have also identified the following patient responsibilities. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
• Please be on time. We realize that things happen and that traffic can be unpredictable. But if you are more than 15 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment or see a different provider.
• Let us know when your phone numbers, address, or insurance changes.
• Bring your insurance card, medications, and diabetes logs (if applicable) to each appointment.
• Know your insurance benefits. You will be asked to pay your co-pay and any balances on your account at each office visit.
• Ask for any refills at the time of your appointment, including 90-day prescriptions for mail-order pharmacies.
Dr Hallbauer has privileges at Conroe Regional Medical Center, St. Luke's in The Woodlands, and Memorial Hermann The Woodlands.
After you are discharged from the hospital, we will receive a summary of your hospital stay and test results. We will want to see you in the office within 72 hours of your hospital discharge to help coordinate your follow-up care and continue any additional treatment or testing begun during the hospitalization.
Family Medicine Associates offers flu shots starting October 1 every year. You can get your flu shot during an office visit or during our walk-in flu shot clinic on Fridays in October from 1 PM – 5 PM. Flu shots are recommend for all ages, but especially those people with heart disease, asthma, COPD, and diabetes. The flu vaccines that we stock are “dead vaccines” which prevent you from catching the flu. Flu vaccines are now recommend for individuals with allergies to eggs provided that eating eggs do not cause anaphylaxis or shortness of breath.
Our providers are trained in the assessment and treatment of depression, anxiety, attention deficit, panic attacks, and dementia. In addition to verbal and written testing, part of our assessment may be done with the aid of computerized testing which is scheduled separately. An appointment to gather your history, administer appropriate testing, and order appropriate lab work will be done separately from the follow-up office visit to discuss the results and propose a treatment plan. Children who may have attention problems will be seen in the office first to discuss their history and be given a packet of questionnaires to be completed by teachers and parents. A follow-up office visit will be scheduled to discuss the results and propose a treatment plan.
For your convenience, routine labs are drawn on location. Patients need to be fasting (no food or beverages except for water and black coffee) for diabetes follow-up labs, cholesterol checks, and wellness visit labs. Your lab results will be posted to your patient portal within 7 days. If you do not use your portal, please schedule a follow-up appointment in one week to discuss your results.
• Refills are obtained during follow-up appointments. This is when we assess how well your medications are working and decide if any change in dosing or additional testing is needed to keep you as safe and healthy as possible.
• We do not accept phone refill requests from patients.
• We are not set up to receive FAX refill requests from local and mail order pharmacies.
• Please schedule your follow-up appointment to obtain the refills that you need at least 2 weeks before your prescription(s) run out.
• Our providers generously & routinely prescribe up to 6 months of maintenance medications for stable medical conditions.
• Individuals taking controlled substances, particularly pain medications, sleeping pills, stimulants for attention deficit, antidepressants, and nerve pills for anxiety must be seen more frequently to comply with state laws and standards of care.
• Acute, wellness, procedure, and mental health testing appointment types do not provide the additional time needed to re-assess refills, consider dose changes, review labs, and provide patient education.
We understand that situations arise that require you to change your appointment. Should you need to reschedule, please call our office as soon as possible. Same-day cancellations AFTER 9 AM will be charged a cancellation fee. There is also a fee for missed appointments (no-shows) starting at $50. Be considerate of others by notifying us as soon as you realize that you must reschedule. Several patients may have been turned down for your reserved appointment time.
Cell phones should remain silent in our office. Rings, vibrations, & talking on the phone in exam rooms are distracting to patients and providers. We are pleased to offer a guest WIFI network for patient use in our lobby. Password: family.
1. Results from lab tests are routinely posted within 7 days to your personal, protected patient portal in E-clinical works, our electronic health record. Our front desk staff is happy to help you set this up using your e-mail address. Results from lab tests obtained one week prior to wellness visits and diabetes follow-up appointments will be discussed at your appointment.
2. Normal mammogram and bone density test (DEXA scan) results will be sent to you in the mail within 2 weeks following the procedure. If you do not get your results within 2 weeks, please contact our office.
3. Results from imaging studies—such as MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, echocardiograms, and nuclear testing to name a few—are done at a follow-up appointment 5-7 days following the procedure. If you schedule the imaging study yourself, please call our office for an appointment to discuss the results. The follow-up appointment to discuss the results is an excellent time to re-evaluate your concerns, discuss other testing options, and make any referrals that may be necessary.
For nursing questions during office hours, dial 936-441-2003 and select option #2. Nursing questions will be returned within 24 hours. More urgent medical needs should be addressed by scheduling a same day acute appointment or by visiting a local urgent care or emergency room. Patients may also send questions to our clinical staff through the patient portal. Portal questions will also be answered within 24 hours. During clinic hours, our physician and mid-level providers make it their goal to be focused on providing the best possible healthcare to the patients with scheduled appointments. Our providers rely on our nursing staff to return phone calls and answer questions from patients. If your concerns are not adequately addressed after talking with our nursing staff, please make an appointment with a provider at your soonest convenience.
Medicare is serious about how prescriptions are written for scooters, motorized wheelchairs, and other power-assisted mobility devices. After discussing what you need with your provider, you will be asked to shop for the exact make and model that fits your specific needs. After obtaining the correct paperwork from the medical supplier that sells the device that you decide on, you will need to make an appointment with our office to have this form completed at a face-to-face visit. This is a CMS (Medicare) requirement.
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We make the difference in quality family medicine. From our family to yours, we welcome you to our practice!
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