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Customized Weight Loss Programs

To Improve Your Quality of Life

At Family Medicine Associates of Conroe, our dedicated Wellness Coach can help you improve your quality of life through our customized medical weight loss programs. While patients come to us interested in weight loss for various reasons, shedding inches and pounds is about so much more than physical appearance. In fact, weight loss can literally help some of our patients reclaim their lives and overall state of wellness.

A Few Benefits of Weight Loss

  • Improves Sleep
  • Increases Energy
  • Improves Mood
  • Improves Mobility
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Lowers Risk of Type II Diabetes
FMA Conroe
Our Weight Loss Programs

Smart Weight Loss© & Ideal Protein©

When it comes to weight loss, not all programs are created equally. Smart Weight Loss© & Ideal Protein© are medically developed programs that are safe, effective, and only available to health professionals. IDEAL PROTEIN© includes high protein & low calorie foods, weekly weigh-ins with our Wellness Coach, vitamins, accountability support, and a terrific opportunity to decrease – and even eliminate – some of your medications. Our weight loss services are for everyone, including those who have other doctors in the community. All fees for our programs are paid up front at the time of the visit as fees for services are not filed with insurance. Give us a call for an appointment with our wellness coach. An investment into your health may be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Benefits Of Our Programs

  • Promotes Fat Loss
  • Maintains Muscle Mass
  • Cuts Cravings
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Restores Pancreatic Function
  • Education & Motivation GALORE
  • Post Diet Weight Maintenance
  • Lose 3 – 6 Pounds Per Week – See Success Stories Below!
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Helping People

With their Struggle to Lose Weight

The Smart Weight Loss Program focuses on the lifestyle changes needed to lose weight and maintain your results after dieting.

Weight Loss to Wellness

Our program uses the Ideal Protein© Method, which has produced success stories for more than 20 years. The Ideal Protein© Method is a comprehensive approach to weight loss that includes knowledge every step of the way. Without the knowledge to maintain your results, your weight loss may be temporary. Weight loss is so much more than looking good. It is feeling good from the inside out!

A few of our Success Stories...

  I started Ideal Protein back on February 16, 2015 weighing in at 280 pounds and over 38% body fat. My metabolic age was 70 even though I was 56 years old. I was a Type II Diabetic with High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. I needed a corrective action before my body started to fail...

I found Ally Harrington with Ideal Protein at Dr. Hallbauer’s office in Conroe, Texas and four months later I have lost 80 pounds and down to 16% body fat. My metabolic age is mid-thirties even though I am still 56 years young. I no longer take any medicine for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol. That medicine included Insulin shots every morning.

I have also become much more active since the loss of 80 pounds (most of which was fat loss). I have gone to I-Fly (indoor sky-diving) and zip lining in the state of New Hampshire. I have bought a new Harley Ultra Limited motorcycle and have a vacation planned for Sept. 2015 to ride The Tail of the Dragon up in TN area.

I have put both my daughters into the program. One has lost 35 pounds and reached her ideal weight in two months. The other is working on reaching her goal. I would highly recommend this program to anyone needing to lose weight. It is far superior to other programs in one critical area. It teaches you how to lose weight by showing you what to eat. If you follow the list of foods to eat, you will see drastic weight loss in a short time. It worked for me with absolutely no exercise. Try it but know that it will change your life forever. It did for me.

Michael L.

Actual Patient
FMA Conroe
279.2 Pounds
34.8% Body Fat


FMA Conroe
197.0 Pounds
16.6% Body Fat


  The Ideal Protein diet changed my life! Not only did my weight fall off, but my health improved tremendously. I feel 100% better overall. I now have the determination and the support system in place to remain healthy in the future. What began as a diet has now become a lifestyle. Thank you to my coach! I couldn't have done it without her.  

Susie K.

Actual Patient
FMA Conroe
183.4 Pounds
42.9% Body Fat


FMA Conroe
135.0 Pounds
29.6% Body Fat


  Simply Stated: IDEAL PROTEIN WORKS!!!! I know the stresses and struggles that lead to weight gain. I know the many excuses for not getting started on better health. I learned about Ideal Protein as I was reaching my ALL time high. In two months it has helped me lose more body fat than I could have lost in probably two years. It is convenient. It is easy. I am not always hungry or craving what I cannot have. Simply Stated: IDEAL PROTEIN WORKS!  

John H.

Actual Patient
FMA Conroe
253.2 Pounds
38.3% Body Fat


FMA Conroe
190.6 Pounds
21.6% Body Fat


  My name is Kerry and I began my Ideal Protein journey the first week of February 2015. My husband, John, had been using Ideal Protein since early November 2014, and had experienced tremendous success. He was certainly my inspiration and a great source of encouragement as well...

At 49 years old, I was at a weight that I never thought I would see. And while it might not be as much as some people struggle with, it was enough that I was miserable and felt like I was definitely not healthy. I felt sluggish, I always felt swollen and I could feel it in my back and joints. I realized it was time to start eating the way I needed to, and not just the way I wanted to. I believed the 4-5 month commitment to change this second half of my life was worth it, and I am so thankful I did.

I started the program about 8 weeks before my 50th birthday. My hope was to be at my goal weight by then, and I did reach my goal in 9-10 weeks. I found the program easy to follow and the meal planning really was not difficult. Even when we ate out, we found ways to enjoy a meal that met the guidelines. The plan has such a wide variety of acceptable foods and that is a big plus. All of the veggies I enjoy are acceptable, and I learned even more ways to prepare them. I always enjoyed the weigh-in because your success is measured in several different ways. So even if it was a week where I didn't lose as much weight, I still lost inches, or fat. There was always success in one way or another.

I have been in the maintenance stage for a month or so and have been very pleased with the results. I have even managed to lose a few more pounds in this stage. I've been given so much information to help me make better food choices. I have learned how to add foods back in with moderation, and know it's about finding the balance that will keep me where I need to be.

At 50 I feel better than I have in years. I have more energy and endurance, and even feel so much younger. Ideal Protein has been a wonderful blessing for me and my husband. We have lost a combined 100 pounds, and feel like we are equipped with the information and knowledge to keep it off for good.

Thank you, Ally, for all of your encouragement and knowledge! You are a blessing too!

Kerry H.

Actual Patient
FMA Conroe
158.2 Pounds
39.8% Body Fat


FMA Conroe
122.4 Pounds
24.9% Body Fat


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